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Hyeonseop Lee


KAIST, Undergraduate of School of Computing, 2013-Present
Hansung Science High School, 2011-2013

Work Experiences

Software Engineer, PUBG Corporation, Seoul, Korea
Software Engineer, Hyperconnect Inc., Seoul, Korea, Aug 2016 - Jun 2018
Software Engineering Intern, Google Inc., Mountain View, CA, Jan-Jul 2016
Software Engineering Intern, Perples Inc., Seoul, Korea, Jan-Feb 2014


pwnbox - Python Toolbox for Hacking and Problem Solving
AVRE - AVR Emulator for Reverse Engineering
retro-click - Framework for reusing click elements in NBA
CGC-Console - Cyber Grand Challenge Contest Framework, used in DEFCON 24 CTF


President of GoN, KAIST Hacking & Security Group, in 2015
Leader of KAIST Student CERT in 2014
Member of SPARCS, KAIST Development Group
Member of RUN, KAIST Algorithm Study Group


Samsung Capture The Flag 2018, 5th place & special prize, Seoul, Korea
WHITEHAT CONTENT 2017, 1st place (Old GoatskiN), Seoul, Korea
KISA HDCON 2017, 1st place (maxlen), Seoul, Korea
DEFCON 24 CTF, 5th place (KaisHack GoN), Las Vegas, NV
Belluminar POC2015, 2nd place (KAIST GoN), Seoul, Korea
SECCON CTF 2014, 15th place (KAIST GoN), Tokyo, Japan
WHITEHAT CONTEST 2014, 2nd place (KAIST GoN), Seoul, Korea
DEFCON 22 CTF, 10th place (KAIST GoN), Las Vegas, NV
SECUINSIDE CTF 2014, 7th place (KAIST GoN), Seoul, Korea
CODEGATE CTF 2014, 9th place (KAIST GoN), Seoul, Korea

ACM-ICPC World Finals 2015, 15th place (KAIST), Marrakesh, Morocco
ACM-ICPC Asia Daejeon Regional 2014, 2nd place (OriGoGi), Daejeon, Korea
ACM-ICPC Asia Kuala Lumpur Regional 2014, 6th place (OriGoGi), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
ACM-ICPC Asia Daejeon Regional 2013, 9th place (OriYeonMot), Daejeon, Korea

Samsung Collegiate Programming Cup 2018, 4th prize, Seoul, Korea
Samsung Collegiate Programming Cup 2017, 4th prize, Seoul, Korea
Samsung Collegiate Programming Cup 2016, 5th prize, Seoul, Korea
International Olympiad in Informatics 2012, Bronze Medal, Sirmione, Italy
Korea Olympiad in Informatics, 1 Top Gold, 1 Gold, 2 Silver prizes, 2007-2011